Features & Benefits

We've divided the features and benefits into those that are relevant to learners, teachers, managers and support staff. If you'd like more information about a particular feature then please don't hesitate to contact us.

For the learners.....

  • It's web-based - use it from a browser at school, home, the library or Internet café!
  • It has an integrated file manager - quickly upload existing evidence in its original format.
  • It uses a WYSIWYG webpage editor - no learning curve when creating new evidence.
  • It provides a live preview of content - see what evidence looks like before it's published.
  • It includes built-in templates - don't start with a 'blank canvas'.
  • It has a commenting facility - explain where and why your work shows enterprise skills.
  • It enables feedback - easily invite feedback on your evidence from peers and teachers.
  • It incorporates special templates - collect and show evidence in a specific format.
  • It provides category management tools - keep evidence well organised & structured.
  • It creates a searchable ePortfolio - viewers find evidence using keyword searches.
  • It allows you to export your ePortfolio - take it with you on CD when you leave.
  • It can be extended for all subjects - showcase other skills and capabilities.
  • It creates online ePortfolios - show parents/college/employer online using just a browser.

For the teachers and managers.....

  • It includes a user import service - save time as we import users for you.
  • It has a built in user management system - quickly add/edit/delete users.
  • It allows for user privileges - different teachers/learners allowed to do different tasks.
  • It integrates messaging utilities - a streamlined way to message individuals or groups.
  • It tracks usage - monitor which learners are logging in and what they are doing.
  • It captures live information - view evidence as it's being created and published.
  • It displays statistics - quickly see who's progressing (or not) with their ePortfolio.
  • It includes a template system - you can govern the layout or structure of content.
  • It includes a Content Authorisation Procedure (CAP) - evidence can be authenticated before it's added to an ePortfolio.
  • It permits access limitations - allow access at specific times only (ie. under supervision).
  • It uses message notifications - requests that need action sent to your email.
  • It can be fully customised - add your own welcome messages for example.
  • It allows ePortfolios to be exported or linked to - show ePortfolios to Ofsted and others.

For support staff.....

  • It's web-based - only a browser and Internet connection needed to use it.
  • It requires NO installation - there are no setup delays or compatibility issues.
  • It includes a direct technical support line - no holding in telephone queues.
  • It's fully supported for all users at all times - problems are not your responsibility.
  • It includes how-to documentation and video screencasts - save time training others.
  • It utilises the OPEUS framework - it's proven, stable and well supported.
  • It's hosted on our servers - we securely store and backup all your data for you.

For bursars/finance team

  • It's priced per portfolio per year - making it easy to plan and budget
  • It's 'all-inclusive' pricing - no hidden extras or surprise invoices.
  • It automatically updates itself - no charging for upgrades or new features.
  • It includes full email and helpline support - no separate support contract required